SUPER STARS! Private Tutoring

Super Stars! is so much more than just tutoring

Is your child:

Struggling academically?
Being bullied?
Afraid to try new things?
Putting himself down?
Constantly comparing herself to others?
Having "melt downs" on a regular basis?
Having difficulty making friends?
Not "fitting in"?

Super Stars is the quickest and easiest way for kids to discover how to be more confident at school, at home and in life generally. It's all about helping children feel more - more confident, more assertive, more capable -in all areas of their lives. I give them tried and tested strategies, simple practical techniques, and a highly effective set of tools allowing them to make some small changes easily and effortlessly that will make a complete difference to their lives.
They are in a safe place to explore how to have fun learning, how to be more assertive, more relaxed and in total control of their emotions, body language and internal voices.
Working personally and informally with me will help your child recognize their strengths, see their future from a brighter more hopeful perspective, and teach them how to handle adversities with ease.
Children today face many challenges. 
Parents today face many worries.
I can help.

Super Stars! will help your child...

♦ feel powerful from the inside-out so that their confidence is based on who they are and not based on what they do or what they have…
♦ jump from sitting on the sidelines of life and put themselves out there and play full on...
♦ develop a set of skills they can rely on any time that fear or self-doubt starts creeping in. 
SUPER STARS! is fun and engaging. It involves experiential that will help you develop “the whole child” – where your kid can learn and develop the skills needed for academic achievement, self-leadership, and resilience.
These skills don't just unfold; it's necessary to intentionally teach them. This is vital. Research indicates a child’s intellectual capacity is only achieved when his or her social and emotional competence is developed. 
SUPER STARS! gives your child the foundation for excelling in life.
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